What to use when you are injured

What to use when you are injured

Hot, cold, combination of both (contrast)–when do you use it?

It’s a common question but a lot of people get confused by the different options available.

In my experience and knowledge;

Cold for the next 72 hours when you twist a joint or feel heat when you place the back of your hand on the area. This prevents swelling of the joint and helps with pain

Heat for muscle spasms or a pinched nerve or when your muscles ache. This helps relax the muscle. Stretching slowly afterwards, will help to lengthen the muscle.

Contrast for 3 minutes hot/warm and for 1 min cold/cool. This helps when a muscle has been tight for a while, or when there is swelling in a joint that is not warm to the touch. This helps move blood flow to that area.


This is what I suggest to my clients, but I always say, “In the end it’s what you feel helps relieve your pain the most.


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